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Dynamic Image
Programmable Graphics for JSP/Servlet

What's New?

Dynamic Image 2.0 is released. The new release has:
  • Improved client-side caching that works with all modern browsers
  • Performance enhancement on image rendering
  • A flexible load-control mechanism
  • Built-in database "blob" image support
  • Two new JSP examples: bar code and human/computer test
  • Easy thumbnail creation with new "scale" attribute of "di:img" tag
  • New output option for html image button generation
  • Various bug-fixes
The new release requires the servlet container to support servlet specification 2.3. The standard edition is no longer supported.

What is Dynamic Image?

Dynamic Image is a suite of JSP (Java Server Pages) custom tags and Java API for easy creation and processing of server side images or graphics.

Why Dynamic Image?

  • Dynamic Image is easy to use.

  • Dynamic Image provides a collection of JSP 1.1 custom tags, which can be used by web designers with little or no Java programming experience.
  • Dynamic Image is flexible.

  • Dynamic Image can also be used as a class library to build Java Servlet or standalone Java applications.
  • Dynamic Image is powerful.

  • Dynamic Image supports most Java 2D API rendering concepts, such as Paint, Stroke, AffineTransform and Composite, etc.
  • Dynamic Image is platform independent.

  • Dynamic Image is written completely in Java. API library can be used on any platform supports JDK 1.2.2. JSP custom tags can be used by any application server supports Java Server Pages 1.1.

    How will Dynamic Image help my project?

    How to install Dynamic Image?

    See Installation Guide for Dynamic Image.

    How to use Dynamic Image?

    Questions/comments on Dynamic Image?

    Could not find the answer, please mail your questions/comments/bug reports to di@SunwestTek.com.

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