[07/18/2003]  Web Bulletin 1.0 Released

Sunwest Technologies is pleased to announce the availability of Web Bulletin, another software component to help a web developer to build web user interface.

Web Bulletin can be used to easily create a bulletin board in a web browser environment to display a series of news, events or messages.
  • Messages can be specified by XML
  • Fading and scrolling effects
  • Two platforms are supported: JSP and ASP
  • Can be used FREELY
For more information on Web Bulletin, please click here.

[06/05/2003]  Web Progressor II Released

Web Progressor II is a complete redesign and offers some exciting new features:
  • 3 new look and feel added: block, image and image block
  • Progressors can have horizontal or vertical layout and progressing in various directions
  • Maximum progress can be user-defined
  • Customizable text for the classic text progressor
  • A dynamic label can be associated with a progressor
For more information on Web Progressor, please click here.

[04/25/2003]  Dynamic Image 1.4.1 Released

Dynamic Image 1.4.1 is a bug-fix release that fixed following problems:
  • Client-side caching problem when relative expiration date is specified
  • Problem with Tomcat 4.1 object pooling
  • Added support for Orion server
This release is 100% compatible with version 1.4.

For more information on Dynamic Image, please click here.

[04/14/2003]  Web Progressor for ASP 1.0 Released

Web Progressor for ASP is the extension of Web Progressor component to the popular Active Server Pages platform. Similar to its JSP/Servlet version, the ASP version provides an easy and efficient way for ASP developers to create progress bars on the client side.

For more information on Web Progressor for ASP, please visit here.

[03/31/2003]  Web Progressor for JSP/Servlet 1.0 Released

Sunwest Technologies is pleased to announce the release of Web Progressor for JSP/Servlet, a unique tool for Java server-side developers to create and manipulate progress bars on the client side.

With Web Progressor, a lengthy server-side process will be able to inform a web user its working status from time to time. As the result, it will prevent the user from making duplicate data input or leaving the site as he/she may think the server is not responding. Web Progressor will be an efficient utility in building highly responsive and informative web user interface.

The JSP/Servlet version of Web Progressor includes a collection of easy-to-use JSP custom tags and a Servlet API library. To learn more, please click here.

[03/10/2003]  Dynamic Image Professional Edition 1.4 Released

Dynamic Image Professional Edition 1.4 offers following new additions:
  • A 2-tier image caching system for high performance and scalability requirements
  • More crispy text rendering
  • Automatic proportional dimensioning for thumbnail image
For more information about Dynamic Image, click here.

[01/20/2003]  Dynamic Image Live

iSavvix Corporation, a leader in Java/XML eLearning market, has adopted Dynamic Image to its award-winning JSP community site http://community.isavvix.com/.

To see Dynamic Image interactive examples online, visit http://member.isavvix.com/sunwesttek/index.jsp.


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