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Web DatePicker
Popup Calendar for World Wide Web

What's New?

Web DatePicker 1.0.1 is released. This release is a bug-fix release and fixed the following problems:
  • DateSelect example fails on Java 1.3 or earlier version
  • Some date formats cannot be parsed correctly
This release is 100% compatible with version 1.0.

What is Web DatePicker?

Web DatePicker is a suite of powerful and easy-to-use server-side components for date collection and validation within a web application.

In a traditional html form based web application, there is no special tag designed for date entry. As a result, an end user has to guess what the right format for a date input is. On the other hand, a web application developer has to spend tremendous efforts in making the code handle various inputs from the end users.

With Web DatePicker, the cumbersome and error-prone date input and processing becomes a thing of the past. For the web user, he/she will have an intuitive calendar popup each time he/she needs to enter a date. As for the web developer, the user input will be automatically parsed and validated. So, the back-end code is guaranteed to get only the correct date entry.

Web DatePicker provides:
  • Easy-to-use popup calendar at client side

  • Look & feel is fully customizable through CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

  • Client-side date validation

  • Server-side data conversion and date validation

  • Built-in I18N support for international applications

  • What server platforms does Web DatePicker support?

    Web DatePicker is currently available for Sun's JSP/Servlet.

    What browsers does Web DatePicker support?

    All major browsers are supported by Web DatePicker. It includes:
  • Internet Explorer 4.x, 5.x and 6.x

  • Netscape 4.x, 6.x and 7.x

  • Opera

  • Mozilla

  • FireFox

  • Questions/comments on Web DatePicker?

    Could not find the answer, please mail your questions/comments/bug reports to wdp@SunwestTek.com.

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